It’s Made In The USA Time Again

For years, we have been addicted to cheap things from China and other countries. We have put local and regional shops out of business because they can’t compete with the big box stores. Small manufacturing companies can’t compete with unfair practices of a communist country.

This is on us. We let it happen. One by one, we all accepted ‘made in China’ on almost everything. Why? Because it was cheap.

It all happened while many of us have been sleeping and it’s time to wake up.

I know it’s complex and I know every product will not be made in America. And, I am not advocating isolationism, we can be good global citizens AND take care of our country first. And every other country should do the same – it’s the ‘put your mask on first’ theory.

Why have our politicians or the media made this a big deal before now? This is something that conservatives and liberals should be able to agree on.

Let’s figure this out.
Start small, but let’s start.

Buy local. Support local entrepreneurs and businesses. Tell the stores that you want to see locally made products in their stores. Email your elected officials.

It may mean some short term pain. It might mean that we have to pay a couple of dollars for items that we have gotten used to buying for pennies. The investment is worth the return, including protecting our national security and American jobs.

A few disturbing stats to get you motivated to join the movement:.

  • Global trade in advanced technology products—often discussed as a source of comparative advantage for the United States—is instead dominated by China. *
  • 72% of active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing takes place outside the U.S., and that the number of facilities making APIs in China has more than doubled since 2010.**
  • Chinese imports account for a disproportionately high number of product safety recalls in the United States, and China’s position as the largest supplier of U.S. consumer imports challenges U.S. safety regulatory agencies who must apply finite resources to screen out risky products.***

Make the time to watch Death By China and Feel free to send me your solutions in the comments!