Who is Patrick Hadley?
Good question.

Patrick Hadley entrepreneur

I live in Southern California with my wife of 21 years and our two teenage children. I love business and I love being an entrepreneur and I have been one all of my life.

I grew up outside of Boston. I graduated from UMASS, Amherst. I worked in sales and marketing for a couple of giant companies before venturing out on my own.

Most recently, I launched my new company in 2019, building a SaaS platform called Biglio.

Biglio helps companies manage your vendors better! They can search for new vendors, then create, send, receive, share & organize RFPs, proposals & NDAs all in one simple to use platform. Not a small undertaking but very exciting. More on this in future posts!

My first business was publishing a college entertainment magazine in New York City. Which I started with about $50,000 in credit card debt.  After years of grinding it out, we eventually sold ads to major brands and movie studios, interviewed celebrities and bands and expanded the publication to multiple markets and then sold it. (technically, sold the website during the  dot com boom)

My next business was an agency that provided marketing services, stunts and live events mostly to television studios and major brands including FOX Broadcasting, FX, NETFLIX, Marvel, USA Network, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, NBC Universal, SYFY Network, Nickelodeon, Levi’s, TBS, and many more.

Our company produced events in every major U.S. city and internationally in London, Paris, Berlin, Rio, Mexico City, Toronto, Montreal and Sydney.  A SD magazine once named me one of  “The 12 Most Important People in Design Right Now” …You can read more about that here

The company was acquired earlier this year and you can read more about that here.

I produced three films, one, The Other Side of the Tracks, was distributed domestically on cable by Showtime Networks and worldwide via 20th Century Fox Television International. ANother waas a passion project called Four For Four, The Kyle Dake Story. Kyle is the only wrestler to ever win Four NCAA Championships in four different weight classes in four years.

I own a patent and a trademark for a cool table tennis game that I invented called XPONG

Business Table Tennis game created by Patrick Hadley XPONG

I have volunteered as a youth sports coach including 4 years at a competitive soccer club. I am on the Board of Directors for the Chamber of Commerce.

I was nominated to participate in the US Navy ‘Leaders To Sea’ program and landed and catapulted on/off the USS Ronald Reagan.

Yes, I have done a lot in my life to date but plan on doing a lot more before I rest.

In addition to running my business, I want to give back and encourage other entrepreneurs. The world needs more entrepreneurs, so perhaps through a few posts, books, videos, interviews and speaking engagements, I can encourage people and contribute to the world in a positive way by being an Entrepreneur.

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You can also find Patrick Hadley and Biglio on Crunchbase.

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