If your training program had only done its job.

You may not be a Marine, but as an entrepreneur you must spend time training your team. I am not taking about just the mandatory stuff, (safety, harassment, etc). You must train them how to do their job well and how to win.

training program

When I began my company, I ‘assumed’ people knew what they were doing. It usually went something like this; I give them a task, they go off and do the best they could to accomplish it, then I would get mad if they didn’t do it right. Eventually, after years of this happening, I finally realized that, any ‘failure’ was not their fault. It was mine, because I was not training them properly. I spent most of my time with clients, selling and dealing with budgets and didn’t spend enough time training the team. (I AM SORRY to any former employees that had to deal with me back then).

Hiring consultants may be okay as part of the training program but the best training will come from people that have actually done the job at your company. If you are a small company, that probably means YOU.

Training is a smart investment. Great training more than pays for itself over time. You will have a happy and more efficient team with less employee turnover.  Your clients and customers will notice and reward your business.

Training lowers stress for everyone. Most people want to know what is expected of them and they want to do a good job. There will be fewer mistakes and failures with a well trained team.

Make it specific to individuals whenever possible. Everyone has different needs and learns differently, figure out how to best reach each person if possible, if not, make the groups as small as possible.

A good training program is not a binder with a bunch of information that no one reads. Keep training sessions fresh, fun and interesting and ongoing.